I wanted to mention that I have taught almost all of the pieces out of Intermediate Spectrum book and they have especially touched my students (both classical and Contemporary Idioms students) and many have become their favourite pieces. They seem to speak to the young people with their descriptive titles and music.

Betty Harris (August 2014)


“Just want to say I found Andrew’s technique books a valuable resource when preparing students for the CC contemporary idioms exams. My students liked the keyboard representations of the scales and chords when they needed to confirm what I assigned for the week.”

Kathy Bartel ARCT RMT Maple Ridge BC

"These technique books have put a smile on my face and the faces of my students.  The format of both staff and keyboard works so well. I find that the visual of the keyboard seems to be the "missing link" my students needed to quickly master their technique requirements.  We love 'em. "
Nancy Rogerson, M.A., MYCC Flying Free Music StudioHi Andrew

“I'm excited to see your new series (Piano Styles).  I use the Spectrum books a lot when I teach.  I find that the pieces really appeal to my students.  I'm happy that there is someone out there writing piano music that people get excited about playing.  A lot of pieces really appeal to teenagers - and they can be a tough crowd to please.  The easier pieces are great because they have enough repetition that much of it can be picked up quickly (great for the flagging student)  but there is enough variety in the piece to keep it interesting and sounding fun. The more challenging pieces are great for students who have studied a lot of classical and are looking for something fun and fresh.  I use much the material for examinations (usually to replace a study). Many of the Spectrum pieces have become part of the repertoire that I regularly teach to my students. A mother of a student once said to me; ‘be sure to thank Andrew for writing music that my teenage son wants to play.’ ”
Lenore Parajka

"The technique books are great tools for my students...especially visual learners. The format enables students to work independently, with success!"
Pam Kennedy B.A., ARCT, R.M.T.,

“My students find the Spectrum pieces personally enjoyable and I find that they all have good pedagogical value. This is a winning combination.”
Karen Rowell Composer

“My students just love Andrew's technique books!  Many have said they no longer dread opening up their technique book to practice because his books make it "fun and easy".  Students who struggled with memorizing their scales or establishing a consistent fingering no longer do.  They are a joy to teach with and I would no longer feel my studio was complete without them.”
Michelle Miller, BA RMT UMTC- modern repertoire for the intermediate pianist



"This is a delightful collection of pieces...Most students could easily find a 'favourite' in this book...We definitely want to hear more from this Canadian Composer." Charline Farrell, The CFMTA's magazine The Canadian Music Teacher

"...not only do Andrew's pieces posess raw appeal, they are pedagogically sound as well." Debra Wanless

"...just wanted to say I received my copy and immediately fell in love with several pieces!" Anne Grobbo, Huron Music Studio, Gowanstown ON

"My hard to please students are thrilled by the pieces in this book. The pieces in this album are appealing, imaginative and stylistically diverse ranging from neo-romantic to blues and rock." Betty Harris ARCT RMT Stittsville, Ontario

"There is so much variety and fun in this book...a delight to play, a joy to teach!" Ann Empey ACCM RMT Kanata, Ontario.